Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pricklypear's Picks

I've watched quite a few movies since I last posted. Here are the ones I particularly enjoyed and about which I have something to say and would recommend:

You Can’t Take it With You—An older black and white movie with James Stewart, a comedy about two people in love coming from very different backgrounds. You can imagine what happens when the uptight, status-focused parents of Tony Kirby (James Stewart) meet the eccentric, free-wheeling Sycamore clan. I do like that Jimmy Stewart.

Miss Minoes—A Dutch movie about a cat that turns into a woman, and even though there were serious plot holes and cheesiness, it was pretty funny and enjoyable. I really liked the actress. A good family-friendly movie similar to old live action Disney films like That Darn Cat and The Shaggy Dog.

The Manchurian Candidate – I had seen the original in black and white, and now I’ve seen this remake with Denzel Washington. As far as I could remember, they follow the same story, and it is a good one, although disturbing. The remake is more disturbing and harsh, something to keep in mind. I had to cover my eyes and mute the sound at least once. But I thought the acting was amazing. I keep being surprised how much I like Liev Schreiber.

Columbus Circle - An agoraphobic lady’s life is disrupted by the new tenants that acquire the apartment across the hall when the previous tenant is murdered. Various plot twists (that were maybe a tad predictable), and it had a little too much fighting for me, but I enjoyed it overall. I kind of loved the ending.

They Might be Giants – A man in 1970’s New York City believes he is Sherlock Holmes, when he meets a doctor named Watson, he drags her along in an adventure trying to find Professor Moriarty. Classic goofiness and I loved it all. That part in the grocery store: awesomeness.

Romantics Anonymous - French film about two painfully shy people and how they get together in the end. I don't usually like the generic romantic comedies where they get together in the end, but I enjoyed the French conversations about chocolate and I loved the cheerful rendition of "I Have Confidence in Sunshine" in French ("J'ai confiance en moi").

Here are some other good movies I watched, about which I just don't have a lot to say:

Man on a Ledge
Mirror, Mirror
It’s Kind of a Funny Story
The Debt
Mission: Impossible
Hocus Pocus
The Birdcage

I think this brings my new-to-me-movie count up to 38. Do you think I can watch 12 more movies by the end of the year?

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