Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Eat, Pray, Love, Contagion, The Vow, How to Be a Pirate

I am definitely doing much better with the movie aspect of this goal than the books, but it's all right.  I am still trying :)

I watched Eat, Pray, Love with Julia Roberts.  I really liked it.  It's about a lady (Julia Roberts) who is unhappy in her marriage and gets a divorce.  She has a hard time with the divorce and decides to travel around the world to find out who she is and find balance in her life. (She travels to Italy, India, and Indonesia)  It's based on a true story and there is a book with the same title written by the lady that the movie is based on.  I liked this movie because there are some really good characters in it and I think we all go through times in our life of needing to find out who we are, but we all have different ways of doing it.

I also saw Contagion.  I did not like this movie.  The beginning was scary to me.  And it didn't get much better after that. It's about a deadly disease that starts to show up all over the world.  It moves quickly and kills fast. The Center for Disease Control strives to find a vaccination for it as it continues to spread. After much research they find out where the disease started. 

I saw The Vow. I really liked it. It was a sad movie, but overall it was good. I liked that the husband fought for the wife even though he had to deal with his wife's family trying to keep her away from him and her memory loss.   

I read the second book of the How to Train Your Dragon series, How to Be a Pirate.  It was good.  I really like these books.  They are an easy read, but they are entertaining.

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