Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Lucky One/Naughty in Nice

Haha. This post title is kind of funny.

The Lucky One opened today. It's a movie based on the Nicholas Sparks book about a soldier who finds a photograph of a woman and it seems to protect him. After the war he walks across the country to find her, but he has a hard time telling her why he has come, and because it is Sparks, there's a romance. The movie was similar to the book, but the love scenes--they were long. Really long. And a little much for a PG-13. And there were like four of them. It was a little much for me. But that Zac Efron? Pretty cute. What can I say.

Naughty in Nice is the fifth book in Rhys Bowen's Royal Spyness series set in the 1930s in Great Britain. Georgiana is 34th in line for the throne, a cousin to all royalty, but because it's the Depression and her father was profligate, she's destitute. In the first book Georgie goes in disguise and takes work as a maid--and of course has to solve a murder and fall for a dashing rogue from Ireland. In this entry, the queen sends her to the Riviera, to Nice, to recover an allegedly stolen snuff box from a nouveau riche cad. She meets Coco Chanel and ends up modeling for the icon, and (naturally) needing to solve another murder mystery. Georgiana is delightful, always virtuous, always the plucky heroine. Great series. I had to skim the 4th one because the topic was vampires, but otherwise, fab.

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