Thursday, April 26, 2012

We Bought a Zoo

This weekend I watched the Cameron Crowe film We Bought a Zoo. I thought it was great. I haven't seen too many Crowe films, but the few I have seen seem to be about healing after a loss, be it a job or a loved one. In this film, Benjamin's wife has died of cancer leaving him to care for their two children. His job is really going nowhere, so he decides quit his job and his life and start over in a new house. He finds the perfect house; the only catch is that it comes with a zoo. Benjamin spends all his savings to get the zoo up and running. But will people come? Will he and his kids be happy? The story is based on a real zoo and real people who still live there.

The movie appealed to me because it has lots of animals (and Matt Damon). I think I missed my calling to work with animals, so I watch movies in which they play important roles. The film was well acted and well written. It was poignant without being sappy. It's nice to see people work toward a goal and become whole, happy people in the process.

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  1. It sounds like a good family movie. I'll put it on our queue. Thanks for the review. Matt Damon always appeals--my favorite is The Adjustment Bureau.