Monday, May 21, 2012

Battleship, My Fair Godmother

Saturday night was date night this weekend, and we went to see Battleship, yes a movie based on a board game. This was apparently this summer's installment of Earthlings-must-pull-together-to-fight-off-ugly-hostile-aliens. This plot comes up a lot, doesn't it? Independence Day? Transformers? Way lots of other movies? It followed the formula, and so it worked as a whole. My only problem was I needed that hero to be a little more heroic for me to root for him--bad boy with an attitude doesn't always cut it for me, hero-wise. However, there was a point 1 1/2 hours into the movie where there's a twist and suddenly I totally cared about this group. I won't spoil it, but it did get much better at that point. Oh, and there's a fun section in the middle where there's complete homage to the game. Good times. Sorry to report no one ever says, "You sank my battleship," in a fakey British accent like the 1970s commercial. Bummer.

I'm still on a YA light fiction kick, and I am loving this author Janette Rallison. I bought six of her books at a conference in February and I'm having a great time. She's probably my new favorite YA author, simply because she's hilarious (so many laugh out loud moments!) and it's completely clean. I love a good clean laughy romance. This story, My Fair Godmother, is a fairy tale twist on the Faust story--girl makes wish, fairy godmother comes to grant three wishes, sends her into fairy tale worlds, and the wishes all go terribly wrong. From the get-go I was invested in the characters, and hoped for their triumph/happily ever after. The fairy godmother is a self-absorbed screw-up who doesn't care about her clients, and it's a disaster from the beginning. Loved it. Can't wait to read the sequel, My Unfair Godmother.

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