Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Newport Ladies Book Club: Daisy

By Josi S. Kilpack, Published by Deseret Book, 2012, 269 pages

Daisy is a middle age mother of a teenage daughter who refers to herself as “just Daisy.” Having made a good life for herself after struggling through a teenage pregnancy and a divorce, Daisy is thrown off balance when she learns that she is expecting a baby. With turmoil swirling around her, Daisy must deal with unexpected motherhood, again.  As Daisy struggles through her difficulties, she slowly opens up to the different kinds of mothers she sees in her life and faces her own guilt and insecurities. From Daisy, I was reminded that not all mothers just love being mothers. Instead through Daisy I saw women being the best mothers they could despite difficult circumstances.  

This second book in The Newport Ladies Book Club series works very well because Daisy is introduced to us from the perspective and freshness of a different author. I like that approach. The one negative about this approach is the repeat details about the book club meetings and its members. I know the purpose is to link the series together, but those parts seemed repetitive and old news in this second novel because I had already read them in Olivia. Also, I felt the ending lacked adequate resolution. Despite this, Daisy is a fast and engaging read.

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