Thursday, July 26, 2012

Six more books, but fifty movies to go!

Hi Everyone,

I have resisted posting on the blog until now. Heather has finally convinced me that you all won't laugh at my 2012 book list but I think she means that you will be polite enough to do it behind my back. My tried and true explanation for my preferred genre is that after a full day of reading about the trials and tribulations of Civil War veterans (infected wounds, poisonous pus, "gums so rotten that chunks are falling out" etc.) I like to escape to a romance or suspense thriller. So here it is-so far.

The Secret Mistress                                        Mary Balogh
The Proposal                                                  Mary Balogh
Beginnings and Ends                                       Suzanne Brockmann
When Tony Met Adam                                   Suzanne Brockmann
Future Perfect                                                 Suzanne Brockmann
Shane’s Last Stand                                          Suzanne Brockmann
Born to Darkness                                            Suzanne Brockmann
Lethal                                                             Sandra Brown
The Bride Wore Scarlet                                  Liz Carlyle
Backfire                                                         Catherine Coulter
If the Slipper Fits                                            Olivia Drake
Explosive Eighteen                                          Janet Evanovich
Savor the Danger                                            Lori Foster
The Ideal Man                                                Julie Garwood
Prey                                                                Linda Hioward
The Duchess Diaries                                        Jillian Hunter
The Surrender of Miss Fairbourne                    Madeline Hunter
Winning the Wallflower                                     Eloisa James
Midnight Jewels                                               Jayne Ann Krentz
Scandalous Lord Dere                                     Stephanie Laurens
The Capture of the Earl of Glencrae                 Stephanie Laurens
Beautiful Sacrifice                                            Elizabeth Lowell
Big Sky Country                                              Linda Lael Miller
McKettrick’s Heart                                         Linda Lael Miller
The Bargain                                                     Mary Jo Putney
Marriage Spell                                                 Mary Jo Putney
No Longer a Gentleman                                   Mary Jo Putney
One Perfect Rose                                             Mary Jo Putney
Angel Rogue                                                     Mary Jo Putney
Shattered Rainbows                                          Mary Jo Putney
River of Fire                                                      Mary Jo Putney
Diabolical Baron                                                Mary Jo Putney
The Bartered Bride                                            Mary Jo Putney
Silk and Secrets                                                 Mary Jo Putney               
Silk and Shadows                                              Mary Jo Putney
Veils of Silk                                                        Mary Jo Putney
Petals in the Storm                                             Mary Jo Putney
Dancing on the Wind                                          Mary Jo Putney
Thunder & Roses                                               Mary Jo Putney
Crystal Gardens                                                 Amanda Quick
A Night Like This                                               Julia Quinn
Celebrity in Death                                               J D Robb
The Witness                                                        Nora Roberts
Ravishing the Heiress                                          Sherry Thomas


  1. Some of those titles are pretty awesome! You're way ahead of me; I'm nowhere near 50.

  2. There wasn't a whole lot of ravishing going on in Ravishing the Heiress. I have no idea why they titled it that.

  3. Wow! All I can say is wow. I love the title "Ravishing the Heiress." If only I"d thought of that!

  4. There is no laughing, we just encourage reading in all its forms! (Okay, a small giggle.)

  5. Looks like I need to do some reading! :-)