Thursday, August 9, 2012

Dragons, Oklahoma and Without a Clue

Guess who is up too late trying to get in another post before the contest is over?! :)  I've been slackin' a little on the reading.  But I did finish another How to Train Your Dragon series book.  I read How to Twist a Dragon's Tail by Cressida Cowell.  Once again, these are fun and easy books to read!

I watched Oklahoma for the first time ever. (I even lived in Oklahoma for 4 years and never saw it, although I did hear music from it;) I saw the Hugh Jackman movie version of it.  And can I just say that I love Hugh Jackman?!  He is so good in this play! I had never heard him sing before and when he sang in the movie, he just melted my heart :)  And the music in general in the play is awesome and the story line funny!

I also watched Without a Clue, which was recommended to me by pricklypear. It has Ben Kingsley and Michael Caine in it. It is a funny version of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.  It is a good one! 

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  1. I would love a copy of "Big in Japan". Jen took my middle son on his first date when he turned 16...I'm not sure how much she is than him, but he had a blast and remembers it very well.