Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Russian Ark

Watched: Russian Ark -- This was a pretty fascinating movie, but really weird; it is Russian, after all. It is about someone who has an accident of some sort and wakes up in 18th century Saint Petersburg, and most of the people can’t see him. There is one gentleman in a black coat that sees and talks to him, and they wander around the Hermitage for 90 minutes, going in and out of centuries, seeing all the famous historical figures. At the end, we decided it was just a promotional movie to get people to go see the Hermitage and Winter Palace, because as far as plot goes, there wasn’t much. But, it was fascinating in a bizarre way. And it is filmed as one single continuous shot, so there’s some interesting camera work going on. I think that was their biggest selling point, apparently the whole movie is the longest continuous shot in film history.

On a different note, I have been tallying up my books and movies, and I am at 23 books and 24 movies, so just a little behind to finish 50 of each by the end of the year.

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